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Eat like a Greek supperclubs in Athens

Supper Club in Athens

In Greece, not only we love our food, we love to share it too. We have a long tradition of gathering around the table to enjoy fresh delicacies, from seafood mezze enjoyed with ouzo to wholesome casseroles and roasts washed down with wine.

Chances are you’ve already had Greek souvlaki and the all-time-classic moussaka, two great ambassadors of Greek food. At Eat Like A Greek, we will take your gastronomic experience a little further. You can enjoy home-cooked food, starting with a selection of highest quality fresh mezze to get you started, followed by a delicious main course to nourish your soul and a mouth-watering dessert to indulge. It’s a supper club, the Greek way.

Greek cooking traditionally follows the seasons. At Eat Like A Greek, we do exactly this: using ingredients that are in season, sourced from small, local producers. Our recipes are, delicious, balanced and with a touch of grandma’s magic! 

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