About us

We are Artemis and Eugenia. Our love for food has taken us on a very delicious journey.Artemis_eatlikeagreek

Artemis Tsipi is a food blogger, food photographer and stylist behind WonderFoodLand which was created during one night back in 2010. Or at least these are some of the things she loves to do for her blog, food companies and magazines, except for cooking for her friends, for food lovers like you in my home and professional kitchens in Athens.

EugeniaMakrogianneliEugenia Makrogianneli studied translation and lived in England for a long time. The hectic London lifestyle became too much so in August 2014 Eugenia packed her bags and returned home, to Athens. She started blogging about traditional Greek cooking and her travel adventures at Eat Yourself Greek. In January 2016 Eugenia’s blog received the Best Greek Cooking in English award from Vima Gourmet for content and the love of her followers. She is still experimenting with good old Greek recipes.

We soon realised we had a lot in common. Our love for food is equal to our love for cooking it and sharing it with others. That’s why we created Eat like a Greek so that you can share our love for cooking and experience real Greek food straight from our kitchen in Athens.

Come along! We’ll see you there.